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Brazilcafé Academy launches its first competition! JUG – just uniquely good.

A LATTE ART competition with a technical jury which will carefully evaluate all the matches.

The competition will take place at Area System-Ragusa on 29 March 2023 from 9 a.m. onwards. After the competition, competitors are invited to attend the PULY DAY organised by Pulycaff.

The JUG – just uniquely good competition is an event organised by the ACADEMY BRAZILCAFE’, the event aims to promote Latte Art through a competition that follows a set of participation rules. In order to participate it is necessary to be, at the time of the competition, of legal age and to be familiar with Latte Art. To participate in the competition applicants are required to pay a participation fee of Euro 30.00 via paypal to Academy Brazilcafè. The competition will take place on 29 March 2023, at the AREA SYSTEM factory, Industrial Zone III phase, Viale 16 n. 10 97100 Ragusa RG starting at 9:00 a.m. The jury is composed of: Giuseppe Fiorini, Andrea Antonelli and Fabio Proietto.

The competition will take place as follows:

  • according to the registrations, challengers will be drawn against each other, then the pairs will be drawn by lot on the day of the competition.
  • the duration of each challenge is dictated by the number of drawings to be performed, for a maximum total of 3 challenges.
  • the challenge starts when the wheel is turned which will determine the first design to be executed after previously rolling the dice. The contestants will start producing the design immediately, once finished they will place it on the bench in front of the judges who will award the point to the best execution.
  • the speed of delivering the cappuccino is a scoring factor.
  • as soon as the contestant has finished preparing his cappuccino and placed the cup down, he will relaunch the challenge to his antagonist by turning the wheel for another cappuccino that both will have to perform.

n.b for the required cappuccino you can only make one whipping of milk with which you can make a maximum of 2 equal cappuccinos and then place the one you think is best.

The challenge continues to the end with a maximum of 3 challenges, best of 2.

  • At the end of the competition the judges will evaluate and declare the winner of the challenge.
  • the winner of the challenge will then be paired up for a new challenge and so on to the end where the champion of the competition will be declared.
  • depending on the number of participants there is the possibility of reselection if the number is not suitable for pairing.
  • the designs to be executed will be: certified Italian cappuccino, heart, tulip (to be determined by how many elements), swan, reverse, vortex, leaf, battle horse.

The winners of the competition will receive as prizes

  • first place: Single-group machine (?)
  • Second place: Fiorenzato manual grinder
  • third prize: Personalised course with Italian latte art champion Giuseppe Fiorini
  • fourth prize: Grading white milk jug
  • fifth prize: bwt filter jug
  • All participants will be given a participation prize.