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Roasting is the transformation process that gives the beans the appearance we are used to seeing

In order to obtain a full-bodied beverage with a fine aroma and unmistakable taste, each coffea variety is roasted separately to allow for greater control of time and temperature. Only then are the individual varieties mixed in the prescribed doses to obtain our blends, resulting in quality products with a perfect degree of roasting.

The raw variety roasted at a temperature of around 200-230° C undergoes very complex physical-chemical reactions: a coffee bean contains several hundred substances locked in cells. No machine or computer can replace the eye and mind of the expert roaster, as only experience can enhance the quality of the raw coffee he has chosen.

noi, artigiani del caffè

Coffee artisans

The company was founded in Vittoria in the early 1970s by the will and dedication of its two founding partners. United by a common vision and a common dream, the two friends imagined a roasting company that, in producing and supplying coffee, would combine high product quality with scrupulous customer care. Today, Brazilcafé’s quality, implied in its blends made from the finest beans, is recognised by many true coffee connoisseurs.